Silkies ( So called because of their lack of barbs on their feathers giving them a "Silkie"  appearance) are a very docile breed. The hens are incredible mothers and will easily go broody ( As seen in the picture below). They differ from other breeds in the fact that they have 5 toes  ( instead of the usual 4) and black skin.

I raise Silkies in the following colors: White

White Silkie Hen and Chicks 

 White Silkie Chicks


Black Australorp cockerel 

 Black Australorp pullet

Black Australorp chicks 

d'Anver Bantams 

 d'Anver Bantams area a true bantam, meaning they are only bred in bantam size. They have a spunky personality, and even tho they are very small ( roosters are around 26 ounces ) they think that their the biggest bird in the coop! They have beards and thick muffs.

I raise d'Anver Bantams in the following colors: Quail

Quail d'Anver bantam pullet 

Quail d'Anver bantam cockerel

Quail d'Anver bantam chicks 

 Leghorn bantams

Easter Eggers 

Easter Eggers are not a breed per se, but a variety of birds that have some of the same characteristics, one of those characteristics is laying blue and green eggs. Often Easter Eggers are given the false title of "Ameraucana" which is a recognised breed.

The Easter Eggers that I raise come in a variety of colors and patterns.

 Easter Egger cockerel

Easter Egger cockerel

Easter Egger chicks 


 Chanteclers are a all Canadian breed originating in Quebec. Thanks to their origin the Chantecler is an extremly cold hardy breed!

Come spring 2012 I will have White Chantecler chickens avalable to sell.

White Chantecler cockerel 

White Chantecler chick 

Naked Necks 

Coming 2012!

Naked Neck hen 

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