Coturnix Quail 

 Coturnix Quail ( also called Japanese Quail) are hardy little birds that are easy to raise. The hens start laying eggs at 8 weeks of age and lay lots for their small size ( up to 300 a year if kept on lights during the winter). The incubation period is 18 days. They come in many different colours including Brown ( wild type), A&M, Silver, Tibetan, Tuxedo and many more! I currently raise them in the Tuxedo and White colour form.

I have Coturnix Quail chicks hatching often, if your interested in purchasing some please contact me.

Jumbo Ringneck Pheasants 

 I will have Jumbo Ringneck Pheasants for sale in spring 2012.

Jumbo Ringnecks, male on the right. 

Day old Ringneck chicks 

Guinea Fowl 

  Guinea Fowl are great birds to have freeranging around the farm, they are great foragers and will collect alot of their own food during the summer months. Their menu consists of  insects like Mosquitos and Grasshoppers. They are often used in places where  Lyme disease is common as they also love to eat Ticks!

Guinea Fowl keet will be available in spring 2012.

Pearl Gray Guinea Fowl male 

Pearl Gray Guinea Fowl keets 

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