Below is a picture of "Marco" my very first chicken. He''s a Silkie cross rooster.

This is my "Royal Bantam" Rooster. The "Royal Bantam" is a project that my friend and I are working on.

Below is a picture of my White Silkie Pair.

This little guy was the first baby to hatch at JC Aviaries! He is now all grown up and quite the pretty little rooster.

The same bird as above only older. 

 Gray Call Drake

Below is a picture of a Gray Call Hen.

This is a  picture of "Sunny" my d'Anver Bantam (RIP)

Another one of "Sunny"

 Blue Slate Turkey Tom "Nibs"

Pastel Call Drake.

"Doobi" my Chinese Gosling when he was young. 

This is "Mader" my Easter Egger Rooster.

My two Barred Plymouth Rock Roosters. The "Bandit Brothers"

 These are two Bibbed Call Ducklings.

Bibbed Call Duckling 

These are the same ducklings as above about 2 months later. One male and one female. 

Red Bar Polish Owl Pigeon 

Polish Owl

Yellow Bar Polish Owl Pigeon

Call Duckling 

Gray Call Duck Hen 

Buff Orpington Chick and "Tango"

The same bird as above 

Mix breed Pigeon 

Mix breed Pigeon 

 Embden Goose

Pair of Moscovy Ducks 

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